Art & Design

Art & Design

Art, design and architecture are what inspires us. Every day is filled with new concepts, original ideas and thinking out of the box. Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought. It is transforming constraints into strengths. In each and every project. Art is a universal language, creating emotions.

It transcends all cultural and time barriers and is a powerful tool that facilitates communication and understanding. That is why we need it in our daily lives and why we integrate it in our projects in an early stage. It will be a gift from us, to the future users of the building.

Art & Design

We believe that architecture and art matter in people’s lives. they make a difference in the way we interact with our environment and they connect us. today. we want to build a better city and make a difference for everybody who lives, works and uses our buildings.

“I find it very enriching as an artist to collaborate with real estate developers. It is a collaboration that is rich in exchanges, dialogue and surprises. Each party brings to the other a precious visibility, and takes him to a field that is not his.”

Denis Meyers

“I love to work on a real estate project, to create a link between the reality of a home and the cosmic spirit of a building. I make many preparatory drawings: my sculptures are shaped on paper, then come to life in nature.”

Catherine François

“my project ‘peaceful parasites’ consists of an artistic installation of my miniature porcelain objects, that lets you discover the different parks of Brussels. Creating art inspired by the city seems essential to me, to disrupt our habitual perception of nature.”

Franck Sarfati

Our projects are characterized by a focus on clean simple lines and functionality, without sacrificing beauty. we strongly believe that there is beauty in simplicity.


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